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OMGN Release Notes: to 4.4.3

Gamer of Darqness; Sep. 8, 2011; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: Thoughts
Holy smokes, I need to be more frequent about these posts...

By now it's obvious that I need to make my release notes blog posts a bit more frequently. Anyway, here's some coding goodness information to hold you over until next time.

Ajax Controls For Comments

We have Ajax (and some regular Web) controls on Forum posts that allow you to edit and delete your posts. OMGN administrators and moderators also have the ability to block and unblock posts. This functionality has been added to comments on articles and blog posts! As comment owners, you can edit and delete your comments up to 120 seconds after posting them. OMGN administrators can always edit and block all comments. Enjoy!

Author-Specific Article Pages

We have built pages on the site that will list a particular author's articles, much in the same manner as we currently list all News, Features, etc. For example, go see all of Kyle James Hovanec's articles!

Click To Load More Forum Posts On Reply

Thanks to OMGN staff member Liam Reid for this suggestion! Now, when you're replying to a Forum thread, in addition to the Latest Post section showing up, you can click to load 5 more posts earlier chronologically than the latest post, allowing you to dynamically load up earlier and earlier parts of the conversation you're replying to.

No Repeated Emails For Additional User Messages

OMGN sends emails to tell users when they have a new user message here on the site. If a user still has an unread message, we won't send repeated emails. Just a nice-to-have kind-of thing.

Hit Enter, Submit Ajax

Some of our Ajax forms, like logging in, required you to click a button to submit the form. Now, hitting enter will work properly in submitting these forms, just like non-Ajax webpages. Hurray!

Moved Forums Redirection

We goofed and when we renamed some of our Forums and didn't put in HTTP redirects to point the old URLs to the new. That's been corrected.

More Redirections

We get HTTP requests for all sorts of paths that don't exist on the site. Some of these requests get called over and over again, such as the normal path for PHPbb's User Control Panel. We've made redirections for some of these so that users will at least get to content on the site that's related to the not-found request.

Content Trimmed On Submission

Data can be in any form these days, and anybody can type things into webpage forms that isn't the intended data type. You could even put spaces before your username when trying to login, for example. We've gone ahead and enabled auto-trimming of leading and trailing spaces on all applicable fields here on the site. Just to make sure people are submitting things properly in the end.

Media Companies & Resources On Reviews

We disabled the ability for us to link media companies and Resources to Reviews because we didn't want to confuse our readers into thinking we were reviewing those media companies and Resources. But with the fact that our Reviews are quite obviously reviewing one specific thing, we think that ambiguity doesn't exist. So we enabled linking those up!

Remaining Small Images Added To Sprites

Awhile back we deployed sprites on the site to increase performance on both the server end and in transmitting the data to the user's browser. We've folded in the remainder of small images that never made it into the sprites image. If you're not seeing the left and right arrows when viewing game screenshots, for example, then reload the page so the new stylesheet and image will pick up.

Ability To Share Article Images

We have small 150x75px images on all articles on the site for list views. Many articles essentially have the same image on them, such as Ninja Gaiden articles. Going forward, we can share the same image across articles, rather than having to have a duplicate copy on the server and forcing the user to download another copy.

Administrative Access Control Enhancements

Administratively, we have access control capabilities to ensure certain staff members can only access what they should be able to access. We've streamlined a lot of this functionality, expanded it's usage in places where it wasn't and "corrected" the controls for things like separating between News, Features and other article types.

Administrative Ability To Delete From Edit Pages

Administratively, we can delete content. Obviously. But this ability was limited to pages outside of the edit page for editing said content. We finally added the capability to administratively delete content when you're viewing that content's edit page.

Oh, side note - this functionality also now exists for Blog posts too, so at least users can get something nice from this as well.

Administrative Search Functionality

We have several pages on the administrative side of things that list out things like articles, media companies and the like. These are all paginated in the same manner as the user site of the site, such as paginated News articles. We didn't have search functionality built into these lists on the administrative side, however. That's been added, so we should be a bit more productive when looking for things to edit/delete.

Facebook API Logging

We've had to enable logging of Facebook API calls because for some reason, some data isn't returned from Facebook for specific users, causing us to break when users try to login with Facebook. We're not sure why this is happening just yet, so the logging will help us continue to investigate.

Maintenance Page During Releases

We put up a maintenance page during our 4.4.0 release that added Movies support. We will now display the maintenance page during every release, that way nobody will end up viewing the website in a halfway format and potentially see breakages, or generate internal errors. Not to worry, our releases almost never take more than 20 seconds!

Internal Function Consolidation

Internally, we've consolidated some function calls and usages to make the code cleaner and more reusable. This just means better productivity from me when I'm coding in the future. And a more flexible codebase.

Internal Correctness Fixes

There are a bunch of ways you can achieve the same end result in most programming languages. We've "fixed" from using one way of checking data internally to another that is the code standard. Earlier code getting updated to act like later code, in this case.

Internal Documentation Fixes

We use an industry-standard commenting system to document our code, and we've had to make a lot of fixes to those comments lately. My fault, as always.


We've got a bunch of random bugfixes throughout the site in these past few releases. As always. Such as fixing a bug with the XML site map, and checking whether a tag exists before actually creating it.

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