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OMGN Release Notes: to 4.4.7

Gamer of Darqness; Dec. 8, 2011; By Robert F. Ludwick
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Primary domain usage and more

Sorry for the long delay in updating you on OMGN's releases. Again. At this point it should just be expected, right?

Primary Domain

We've had multiple domains for OMGN for quite some time now, and we've allowed users to access our content using those different domains. We've also allowed users to access OMGN with and without the 'www' in front. Well, we're not doing that anymore. From now on, any attempts to access OMGN on one of our alternate domains, or with the 'www' in front, will results in an automatic redirection to our primary domain, without the 'www' - This is for consistency's sake, really.

Facebook Open Graph Implementation

We've added more social hooks for Facebook. Facebook is slowly rolling out their new Timeline feature, which allows other developers to hook in to Facebook to say what actions a user is performing in their application. Spotify has already been doing this - they show what songs a user is listening to, on Facebook. We've added support in OMGN to show on Facebook what a user is doing on the site, from reading articles to posting in the Forum. If you don't want to share this information with Facebook, there's a preference setting in your User Account that you can turn off.

Spoiler Text

If you read us regularly, you'll have likely noticed a feature we ran about Kotaku spoiling parts of Arkham City. We've now included the ability to black out text in our articles for spoilers, allowing those readers who want to view the spoiler to hover over the text to view it. Nice, right? We haven't used it yet, though.

Google+ Link

We've added a link in our site header, as well as in other pertinent spots across the site, to our new Google+ page. Even more ways for us to spread our influence across the interwebs!

Movie Naming

Links to movies throughout the site will now include the year, simply because movies get remade so damn often that we need to clarify what movie you're clicking to go view!


We've added a bunch more invalid URL redirects to help our readers get to the content they were intending to view, as opposed to getting Error 404 pages.

User Forum Blocks

We've added a new control for moderators to be able to disable the ability for certain users to post on the Forum. I'm sure you can deduce why.

User Avatar File Extension Added: .jpeg

So this also goes for all images that OMGN staffers can add, but the user avatar now supports the .jpeg file extension as well. It's always supported .jpg, and it was a bit stupid that it didn't support the one-character-longer extension too.

OMGN.US Domain Support

Back in September, we acquired the OMGN.US domain. Thus, we had to add support to the site for it! You can now access OMGN on five different domains.

Publish Capabilities

One nice thing I finally added to OMGN Admin is the ability for publishers (i.e. me) to easily publish an article. This includes setting the proper publication date on the article, as well as creating a tweet on Twitter and page link on Facebook. Makes life a lot easier. It also automatically creates the redirect URL for Twitter. The joy!

Oversave Detection

This is something that most content management websites need as staffs grow, and we finally have it too. In our Admin section, we're now tracking when content was last saved. That way, if two of our staffers have the same content open at the same time and one saves, the other will be notified that the content they're modifying has been saved in the meantime by someone else. Makes it a lot easier to detect if we've destroyed someone's save. As of now, there's no support on the main site for this, as it's highly unlikely that a user would oversave their own work.

More Links Added in Admin

Again, something just for OMGN staffers, but we finally added even more view and preview links for all content that staffers are working on, in the Admin section. There are also a bunch of other thinks linked internally in Admin now. Again, making things easier for us to run the site for all of you!

Admin View Override

A nice little feature I added is the ability for OMGN staffers to view the site in a number of modes, such as someone who is not logged in, or a non-admin. It helps.

Admin Forum Signature Controls

We've had controls to clear Forum signatures for users on the site for awhile now, but we didn't have anything in Admin itself. Nor could we preview a user's Forum signature unless we loaded up a post on the Forum itself. This situation has been rectified.

Dev Images Copy

Another nice little utility I built (pretty much for myself) is the ability to copy down images hosted on the live OMGN site down to my local development machine, so that I actually have them locally. Good times!

Internal Improvements

This set of releases also saw a set of internal code improvements for performance. We tend to tackle performance on a regular basis. The last few months have been no different.

Bugfixes, Documentation Fixes

As always, we've had rounds of bugfixes and internal documentation fixes.

Wow, lots of stuff the last few months! Until next time.

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