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The Good Place; Jan. 24, 2011; By Lucas McC
Type: Thoughts
A Load Rubbish Basically!

Strangely, its been years since I have placed any such ramblings on the internet with much relish! I have become jaded by a busy work, social and student life to care about the internet as such for quite some time. 

But what a time indeed to start writing again, when America has a black president (notably brilliant and on par with Kennedy) and Britain is having its first coalition government within the last 70 years, with two sides who couldn't be more different. Sad state of affairs really, Britain is becoming a rich man's world were the poor only get poorer. Education fees rise (which brilliantly makes no difference to me unless I apply for a PHD) jobs get cut! But the government professes "we are all in it together" I'm afraid fixing the economy doesn't mean screwing 95% of your middle and lower class population in the ass.

More Importantly, to me anyway! The Irish Government is falling to shreds, holding a no confidence vote and then losing its coalition partner! Interestingly, the financial crisis that is gripping us really isn't all that bad. I'm sure we are all feeling the sting. But from a ground up level the only people who have suffered largely from the banker wanker's mistakes are in fact the rich! Which is great, however governments worldwide are passing legislation to ease up on the rich and once again shit all over the poor. It truely wouldn't surprise me if this world recession and countless cock-up's by the governments supporting the wealthy elite would lead to a polarisation of a somewhat modern day class-less society. Pushing towards a Us Vs them dilemma! 

Now, while many would blame the bankers for screwing up the whole market and causing a housing and economic recession. I'd gladly argue that the people are the problem not the bankers. I wouldn't mean this as an insult, I would merely mean that people are becoming part of an advanced system of capitalism that is so interlinked with every aspect of our lives we need everything all at once. This socialisation has become part of a 'greed is good' ideal that many people subconsciously have i.e. Materialism. They are lending money that they don't have, to buy crap they don't need! We are all part of it, including the bankers, that are incentivised to work harder and better for million pound/dollar bonuses (which lets be honest, not one person here would say no to). Not to set up a grand old archetype but its very true, we are all part of the system, that has developed a thirst for bits of paper (money) and electronic data in a massive network to achieve some sort of sanctimonious and arbitrary sense of security within a manufactured system of our own design. 

Alas!!! I digress, the point of this little blog and subsequently everything after it is to point out the little niggles I get from not only studying aspects of Politics and philosophy for a vast number of years but from the unbelievable ignorance that exists in today's society (N.B. I use society universally to apply to the West).

Enough of my ramblings! Thats just a small point for the day!

More to Come!

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