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PS3: My First Sony System

Feature; Mar. 4, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick
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The long, long road that led to my ownership of a PS3

In late January, I became the owner of a brand-new slim PS3. For me, this was a particularly momentous occasion. For most people, adding a new video game console to their collection is significant but not momentous. It's not like I got a PS3 on launch day or anything, and even then I'm not sure if you could classify that acquisition as momentous. No, this was momentous for me for one reason -- the PS3 is the first Sony video game system I've owned.

Now let's keep this in perspective: The PS3 is Sony's third standard video game console. It's not like Sony is in Nintendo's position, having been in the video game hardware business since 8-bit days. But Sony's been around since 1994; it's 15 years later. Sony's been in this business quite a while.

I used to hate Sony, actually. I was a fanboy back in the day; a very big Sega fanboy. But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System

My first video game console was the NES. My parents got it for me when I was 6. To this day, I really have no idea why they got it for me. Giving a 6-year-old a video game system? Maybe they thought my likely ADD would cause me to not play games for endless hours. They were wrong; I got hooked. I loved that NES. I have some fond memories of games on that system, including Caveman Games. If you've never played it, I recommend finding a copy. Hilariously awesome.

Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis

I don't remember asking for this console specifically, but I got it, and my days of being a Sega fanboy began. There were plenty of games on the Genesis that I loved, but Sonic 2 is my all-time favorite. It was such an expertly crafted game. Sonic 2 helped cement me in the Sega camp. At the time, I didn't know much of the battle between the Super NES and the Genesis, nor did I know that the SNES "won" because it outlasted the Genesis. All I knew is that the Genesis was better.

Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn

In keeping with my Sega systems, I went with the Saturn for Sega's next console iteration. This saw the rise of Sony in the hardware market with the PlayStation. A good friend of mine at the time had a PlayStation, and we constantly bickered back and forth on which console was better. We were very competitive by nature, which greatly fed into my remaining and even becoming more of a Sega fanboy. I remember liking Worldwide Soccer quite a bit on the Saturn.

(You'll notice I skipped the 32X and Sega CD. Yeah ... I may have been a fanboy, but I knew they weren't worth it. Although I did get to play Sonic CD quite a bit and absolutely loved it.)

Sega Deamcast

Sega Dreamcast

Ah, the last great system Sega put together, the Dreamcast. Sega beat Microsoft to the punch in terms of online multiplayer games. Chu Chu Rocket, Jet Set Radio and others on the Dreamcast made the system excellent, but unfortunately Sega did a poor job marketing the system, and it was severely underpowered compared to the PlayStation 2. Sega decided to pull the plug on the Dreamcast, and I was left without a current generation console to buy new games for. I was quite unhappy, and this is where I truly started to dislike Sony. I felt that it was responsible for the demise of Sega in the hardware space. (I didn't count Microsoft much because it was relatively new with the Xbox.)

NFL 2K was such an awesome game at the time.

PC / The Non-Console Period

Alienware PC

When the Dreamcast was killed off, I basically retreated to PC gaming for awhile. I didn't buy any new games for my existing consoles, and I didn't buy any new consoles. I stuck with PC because I was digging Starcraft and loved to build computers (and still do). During this period, I nearly fell out of console gaming entirely.

You'll notice that so far I basically stuck with one console during any given hardware generation. This changed with...

Xbox and Gamecube


Honestly, I know quite a few Sega refugees that went to Microsoft's console instead of Nintendo's or Sony's. A lot of people felt Sony pushed Sega out of the hardware market. Nintendo used to be Sega's old rival (see the Mario vs Sonic debates as time has gone on), so nobody wanted to support them either. That, and I didn't care about the Gamecube. So Microsoft it was!

I would have gone on without buying an Xbox, but I was missing playing NFL-based video games. I broke down and got the Xbox to play ESPN NFL Football. I did sign up for Xbox Live as well and had a blast playing it on the first Xbox system.

(By the way - have I ever mentioned that OMGN began before Xbox Live was released?)


Indeed I eventually bought a Gamecube -- for Laura, my now-wife, then-girlfriend. Some of the Mario games on that system were pretty good, such as Paper Mario. Regardless that I bought it for her, I ended up playing it a lot myself too. I was slowly weakening and becoming less of a fanboy. This was bound to happen, really, as I couldn't buy Sega hardware anymore.

Xbox 360, DS, Wii and...

Xbox 360

Naturally, I stuck with Microsoft when the Xbox 360 came out. That was the one and only console, to date, that I've bought on launch day. It nearly outlasted the continually extended warranty period that Microsoft had for the console, too. I also eventually bought a Nintendo DS because there were some cool games on it I wanted -- thus making it the first handheld console I ever owned.

Nintendo DS

Laura and I also eventually bought a Wii because we thought it seemed like a cool system. It is, but it's definitely not in my normal realm of gaming. It currently resides with Laura in Las Vegas, and the most recent game we bought for it is Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Nintendo Wii

By this point, my fanboy nature had left me. I'd seen too many people get all worked up over allegiance to a piece of hardware and to a corporate entity. I still have a special place in my heart for Sega because it was my childhood video game company. But I kept seeing games on the PS3 that I wanted to play, such as Heavy Rain ... Resistance was futile.

PlayStation 3

A friend ended up getting me a PlayStation 3 as a gift. So I didn't actually buy the system myself. But that was it. My resistance had worn down to nothing, so when he offered to get me the system, I didn't tell him no. It arrived in late January, and I've been playing some old-school games for it lately, like the first Uncharted game. I plan on catching up on PS3 exclusives like Little Big Planet and the Killzone games. Oh, and I will eventually play Heavy Rain.

All in all, I like the PS3. My distaste for Sony is pretty much gone now. But given a console to pick out of the PS3 and the Xbox 360 when the game is available for both, I still prefer the 360. Old habits die hard.


mcguire82 - Jun. 5, 2011 at 12:27:15am

That's pretty much the complete opposite side of my upbringing. Funny how that works. I own them all now and each rules in their own way.


rfludwick - Mar. 7, 2011 at 6:00:59pm



JCXanirus - Mar. 7, 2011 at 2:04:52pm

That's a looooong tag list.

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