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E3 2011: Championship Jockey Interview

Feature; Jun. 8, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Kyle James Hovanec
Subtypes: Interview
Kyle interviews the senior manager behind Championship Jockey: Akihiro Suzuki
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Today I was given the chance interview Akihiro Suzuki, the senior manager behind one of the upcoming titles from Tecmo Koei Games, Championship Jockey, a horse racing title for release on all three major consoles.

Horse racing titles haven't seen very many releases or popularity in North America, but they have experienced moderate success in Japan. In fact, Championship Jockey is a merger of two other horse racing games: G1 Jockey, previously published by Koei; and Gallop Racer, previously published by Tecmo.

“Even though this is merger of the two games, I want everyone to know that this is more than just putting the two games together,” Suzuki said. “This was an opportunity to create an entirely new and unique game.”

Similar to games like Forza 3, Championship Jockey will allow users to customize their experience and difficulty by borrowing from the two different games.

Gallop Racer is a much more fun experience and much easier to play, while G1 Jockey is a much more Sim-like experience. The player can chose either mode to customize their own skills and playstyle,” Suzuki said.

As for motion controls, each console will have their own specific motion-based controls. The Xbox 360 will use the Kinect to simulate riding a horse and positioning your body for maximum speed. The PS3 and Wii will feature the Move and Wii remote to simulate holding the reigns and whipping the horse to increase speed.

Suzuki also said he liked the new Nintendo console, the Wii U, and how he has plans for making future titles on it.

At this time, though, I haven't released any further details,” he added.

When asked if Championship Jockey, a game in a genre not popular in North America has a chance for success, Suzkui said,I feel that with the rise of popularity of motion-based games marks a good chance for this to be popular. I'm confident that I can gain the audience that way.”


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