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themightkai - Jan. 21, 2011 at 6:25:19pm

Just an idea, if bad please say! But do ya think OMGN should try and link up with other websites, form partnerships etc to gain some traffic and more importantly membership!

Or for the moment, allow the staff to do some viral marketing (completely up to themselves) to advertise to friends etc etc etc, just to get a wider membership!


any thoughts etc please post!







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rfludwick - Jan. 21, 2011 at 8:50:37pm

Hmm... Hadn't considered partnering up with other sites as far as community goes. Know of any good ones that might be receptive?

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themightkai - Jan. 22, 2011 at 4:04:39am

I would suggest a couple, to a purely gaming community!

for instance

is a massive social network site for people who like to game! Going directly to the top with a nice email would be a good idea.

Or appeal to clans with some prominence


for instance

I would also suggest (of which I used to be an Super Ingame and Forum moderator!)

I would suggest emailing them with your thoughts on the issue! and give them a list of pros and cons of why its beneficial for both of you!


Basically a buisness plan! (in some respects)


Gecko-games will be easy enough to do! just post on their forum informing the community and they will be receptive! 

Or offer them incentives (Particuliarly the social networking site and the gaming clans with large numbers!) For pure examples sake, if they sign up, to some sort of advertising agreement etc etc, some of their community members would be entered into a prize draw to go with OMGN to E3! Or something, or offer the community some incentives, ie join us and you can blog, review games etc etc etc! Just have some craic! 

I duuno rob lol! Just some ideas! Ive been out of the community seen for a while, im sure the other people here could help.

Also try new advertising networks, to get the OMGN name out there!

Three options available : Viral


                                   Advertising Nets

Some are fast some are slow acting, if used all together, they would be very nice in terms of omgn coverage!

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