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sslisfun - Jul. 6, 2012 at 12:00:17am


Game Title: SuperStar

LiveCBT Date: August 2012

Genre: Music, Sing & DanceGame

Description: SuperStar Live is a Free to Play online game with a fusion concept of Karaoke singing and dancing. 






  • Sing your heart out to the world!

Hold your very own personal concert in the comfort of your own room! No more singing in the bathroom when SuperStar Live exceeds your need to express yourself musically. You can even sing with 5 other friends for your inner Gleek desires.


  • Just dance

With 5 different dance modes, your fingers will never get bored. For groove masters, challenge our 8 keys expert mode and impress the audience with your moves.


  • Share your talents

That's an excellent song cover! Showcase your amazing vocal by using the recording function in SuperStar Live and upload it directly to YouTube for the world to witness. 

The world is your stage, be a SuperStar!
Sign up for a CBT Key at!

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rfludwick - Jul. 7, 2012 at 10:54:12am

Hmm... Interesting. I'm generally not into the sing & dance genre though.

OMGN: RFLudwick

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