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Crimson Moon

Crimson Moon is a browser-based character battle game designed around vampires and werewolves. Players choose a character and build that character through time, taking care of it via feeding it, fighting other characters and traveling around the various cities and country.


From the official website: Furdiburb's background is constantly changing - no two scenes are exactly the same. The sun and the moon travel across the sky based on real-time. You can enjoy this casual game in leisurely fashion. Or if you're up to the challenge, you can take Furdiburb on an adventure! What happens when you tilt your phone? What happens when you drop fruit on the ground? Furdiburb gets hungry and poops and is helpless to do...

Pet Zombies


A pet game where your pet is a zombie. You can nurture or torture it to create a zombie of your choice.

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