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Glory of Fellowland

Glory of Fellowland is a Flash, browser-based MMO strategy game. In GoF, the player starts with a small village set in the Middle Ages. The goal of the game is to build your small village into a vast, bustling empire via many means, such as military war, diplomacy, spying and trading. You can even create alliances and team up cooperatively to attack a common foe.

GoF is available in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish and Dutch, to name a few. Listed features of the game include 300 difference "sciences," 60 buildings, 50 unites and 50 spells. The game is free to play, however players can opt to pay small fees to unlock certain features of the game or increase the rate at which one can play.


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Not Rated by ESRB


  • Feeltainment Ltd.


  • Feeltainment Ltd.

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