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E3 2010: Sony Keynote Wrap-Up

News; Jun. 15, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick
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Los Angeles, CA, USA

With Microsoft and Nintendo having held their press conferences already, Sony seemed to have its work cut out for itself at its own press conference. While it might not hold up that well to its two rivals of the "Big 3," Sony had a good press conference for itself.

The biggest news coming out of Sony's press conference are details on the Sony Move, 3-D support in upcoming Playstation 3 games and the creation of a new paid tier of its Playstation Network, known as Playstation Network Plus.

Sony Move

Sony finally divulged more details about the Move, Sony's movement-sensing "controller." The Move utilizes three sensors to provide positioning of the user and utilizes one primary controller and a secondary controller for each person using Move. The main controller is priced at $50, and each secondary controller will cost $30. There will be several bundles available, but it seems Sony will be pushing a $100 sports package that includes the Move controller, a Playstation Eye camera, a Sports Champion game, as well as a Move demo disc. There will also be a $400 bundle available that consists of the aforementioned $100 bundle and a Playstation 3.

Playstation Move

Sony is looking to have 15-20 Move-enabled games ready by the launch of the Move, which is slated for Sept. 19 in North America. The company wants to have 40 Move-enabled games on shelves by the time the holiday season hits. Unfortunately, Sorcery, a good-looking Move-enabled game Sony is developing, will not be available until the Spring. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 will be Move-enabled, as well.

Move-enabled games will be priced at $40 as well, according to Sony.

3D Support

Sony touted something that no other major hardware manufacturer has announced for primary home consoles: 3D. While Nintendo has a handheld console with 3-D support, Sony is bringing the 3-D craze to your home theater on the Playstation 3.

Sony 3D

Sony trotted out its line of 3-D products beyond the support announced for the Playstation 3 as well, but the important thing here is that 3D-enabled games will be available immediately via the Playstation Store. Glasses of course will be required to play the games in 3-D, and you won't even need to swap out for a new Playstation 3, as the existing hardware is capable of handling the 3-D rendering already.

As with the Move, Sony plans on making sure there are plenty of 3-D-enabled games in the future. Super Stardust and Wipeout were specifically mentioned and Killzone 3, due out next year, will be 3-D, as well.

Playstation Network Plus

There once was a time when Playstation fanboys used the $50 Xbox Live Gold service as a tool to detract from the Xbox 360 gaming community. That time is likely up, at least in a limited fashion, as Sony has announced a new paid tier for its Playstation Network, known as the Playstation Network Plus. With a PSN Plus subscription, gamers will gain access to exclusive downloadable games, content and themes.

Playstation Network Plus

PSN Plus does have some rental aspects to it as well, with the ability to play some games in full for a specified period of time before being required to purchase the game outright. Some games will be playable in full indefinitely with a PSN Plus subscription.

The service will be available for $50 per year or $18 for three months. Asia has a 30-day subscription available, as well. $50 is the same price as an Xbox Live Gold subscription.


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