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Octodad 2 Announced

News; Jul. 12, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Kyle James Hovanec
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The sequel to the original indie breakout needs your help to become a reality

For those of you who enjoyed the indie title Octodad, you're in luck as the team behind the first title has plans to develop a full-fledged sequel, appropriately titled Octodad 2.


In the original title, you played as Octodad, a loving father living with his adoring family in a classy suburban home. The player was tasked with completing simple household chores such as cleaning the kitchen or climbing a ladder. Due to the control scheme and way the Octodad achieved locomotion around his environment, the simplest task often became a huge challenge, and the methods the player used to accomplish the task were often hilarious and unexpected.

The sequel plans to have a full-sized budget this time, but only with the help from gamers and fans. Octodad 2 needs to raise $20,000 by Aug. 10 in order to make the game for both PC and Mac. If any additional money is raised, it will go toward an XBLA, PSN and iPad port of the game with the XBLA and PSN titles possibly supporting motion control.

The site for donations is located here.




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