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The Last Story Officially Trademarked

News; Jul. 15, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Kyle James Hovanec
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After months of fans' demand, The Last Story may finally come to North America

Nintendo of America has recently filed a trademark for The Last Story, one of the three titles that fans and groups like Operation Rainfall have been urging Nintendo to localize for a North American release.

The Last Story

The trademark was originally filed Jan. 13, 2010, but only recently issued a few days ago. It's worth nothing that Nintendo, among other companies, files trademarks regardless of whether it ends up releasing the game or not. But given the recent announcement regarding Xenoblade being released in Europe, it's not entirely unlikely that we will be seeing a full North American release.

If Nintendo releases this, even in limited quantities, it may have a hit on its hands -- possibly even a cult hit. If the numbers of pre-orders on Amazon or the number of followers behind Operation Rainfall are anything to go by, there are many people willing to pay good money for these games.



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