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Mega Man Legends 3 Canceled

News; Jul. 20, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Tyrone M. Cato
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The would-be 3DS entry into the beloved series meets its end despite Capcom's fan collaboration

The collective cries of Mega Man Legends series fans could be heard throughout the Internet today after Capcom announced in a blog post that the next addition to the Legends series would not be seeing the light of day because the game had not "met the required criteria." No prototype/unfinished build of the game will be released either.

Mega Man Legends 3

Fans were given the opportunity to vote on designs for main characters and to give general input through Capcom's "Developer Room" website. The game was announced around September 2010 and had since garnered a considerable following, with people posting their ideas on Capcom's forums with the assurance they would have an impact on the final product.

In the post, Dev Room community liaison "GregaMan" makes it clear that none of the ideas created and/or proposed by the Legends community will be used in future games, though they will still remain available on the Dev Room website and forums.

The post makes sure to refute any speculation that former Global Head of Production Keiji Inafune quitting Capcom had anything to do with the cancellation. 

The previous Legends game, Mega Man Legends 2, was released for the first PlayStation console in April 2000. Before that, MM1 was released in Japan in December 1997.



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