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New Zone of the Enders May be Announced Soon

News; Aug. 17, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Kyle James Hovanec
Subtypes: News, Rumor
Released photos show the ZOE logo next to a 3DS logo

The long-rumored and greatly desired sequel from fans, Zone of the Enders 3, may finally be getting a release after all.

Zone of the Enders

Coming directly from ZOE creator Hideo Kojima’s Twitter account were several pictures related to ZOE, including one that appears to have both the ZOE and 3DS logo in the background (with the 3DS logo being a backward ZOE emblem).

Kojima has been known to tease details about upcoming games, but he also has never released photos or information without careful discretion. With an HD ZOE collection recently announced, it is still unknown if this means the collection will appear on the Nintendo 3DS, this will be a separate game for the Nintendo handheld, or if this is the long awaited ZOE 3.

No matter what it is, one thing is for sure: A new ZOE is coming.




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