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3DS Overhaul May Show Up in 2012

News; Aug. 25, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Kyle James Hovanec
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Changes may include second circle pad, less emphasis on 3-D

Despite the recent price drop for the Nintendo 3DS, rumors have been circulating that Nintendo is still not satisfied with both the sales and the overall design of the handheld system and is planning on a complete design overhaul of the 3DS for release in 2012.


According to the French site, 01Net, Nintendo was unhappy with the overall design of the 3DS, including the decision to incorporate only one circular control pad. This new redesign will not only incorporate a second control pad but will also “radically tone down” the emphasis on 3-D gaming. The site also mentioned that the 3DS' title may change as well.

These are only rumors, but 01Net has been right before. If true, it seems the 3DS is becoming a handheld of mistaken identity. This makeover is far more drastic than a slightly different cosmetic version of the 3DS. There was another handheld released not too long ago that also featured a dramatic redesign: the PSP Go. The results were met with less-than-stellar fanfare.



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