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MLB 10: The Show Review

Review; Jul. 10, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Ryan Goodman

Every year, a new batch of updated sports games get released for all the major consoles and occasionally, the PC. With these new editions come updated team rosters and the occasional new mode or play mechanic. Well, the latest in Sony’s Major League Baseball games do just that and then some. MLB 10: The Show brings all of the features from previous entries and brings much more to the plate.

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The gameplay in The Show is pretty simple and hasn’t changed much from previous installments. Unlike its video game counterpart, MLB 2K10, which primarily relies on the analog sticks, The Show plays more like an arcade baseball video game, despite it being more of a simulation-type sports game. While the gameplay itself is pretty simple to get down, turning your squad into a dynasty isn’t that simple. You have to be able to identify the right pitches and figure out the right spot in the strike zone to place that pitch for a strikeout. A new gameplay mechanic this year is Catcher’s Mode, where you literally dictate the pace of the game by calling each pitch. Overall, it plays simple, but feels realistic.

Probably the biggest new addition to this year’s game is the inclusion of the popular Home Run Derby, which surprisingly hasn’t been in previous entries of the series. The presentation of the derby is as realistic as you can get, with everything from the rules of the derby itself, to other players’ reactions when you hit a bomb out of the park. On the creativity side of things, there’s a movie maker, where you can create and edit your top plays for the whole world to see. Everything you edit is saved as a movie file, which you can then e-mail to your PSN buddies, or even upload on YouTube. Overall, these are very welcome additions that will only have you coming back for more and more.

The majority of your time with MLB 10 will likely be spent in the latest version of its Road to the Show mode, where you create your own ball player, then take them all the way from draft day to Cooperstown. I haven’t played the previous version of this mode, but from a first experience, I was blown away by how detailed it was. Sony really tried to incorporate the look and feel of being a kid trying to get a chance to play ball and make it to the big leagues. Everything from the drills to entering the game with your own theme music makes you really feel like a ball player.

For online, they’ve done quite a bit as well. Besides just sitting down with an opponent across the country to play your basic 9 inning game, you can also create you own leagues and scout your opponents. To add some realism, the game will also download roster updates that reflect the real life MLB season, meaning if your favorite player got sent down to the minors for real, they’ll also get sent down in The Show.

To put it simply enough, this game looks amazing! Everything from the crowds in the stadium, to the grass on the field, to the players themselves is in great detail. And it isn’t just in the graphics, but also the entire MLB experience. The commentary during a game, while at times a bit tedious is spot on, making it feel like you’re watching a live game on TV. Every player has their own batting stances, habits on the mound, you name it. The best part is that almost everything is customizable, too. The game will let you edit players’ stats, look and even what music plays when they hit a home run.

While all of this may be a turn off for casual gamers and non-baseball fans, MLB 10: The Show is definitely worth at least a look. Big time baseball fans though, will be in heaven with all the features and how realistic it looks and feels. While most simulation sports games can be frustrating and confusing, you’ll at least be having some fun with it this time around.


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