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Fat Princess Review

Review; Oct. 1, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Ryan Goodman

Every week, new and exciting games are released digitally for gamers to enjoy. Whether it’s PSN or X-Box Live, many of them offer variety and a new, unique experience. One of those unique experiences is in the form of Fat Princess, a very strategic, but simple online game on the PS3.

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Fat Princess is simply an interesting twist to classic Capture the Flag, but instead of a flag, you’re fighting to capture a princess. To make things more interesting, each princess can be fed pieces of cake to make her a little more “curvy,” thus making it more of a chore for an opposing team to capture her. This makes for a very enjoyable game.

While the main objective is to capture the princess, there is a lot of strategy involved. The game has different player classes for you to pick from, ranging from your basic sword & shield fighters and long-range archers, to mages, priests, and builders. There’s also a DLC expansion pack that you can purchase, which adds pirates, ninjas, and giants to the mix. Much of the strategy involves the builders, as they gather minerals, build objects, and upgrade the other units (think a simpler version of WarCraft). There’s also command posts scattered across the map for you to capture, which serve as towers for your mages and archers, as well as a place for your builders to drop off much needed minerals without having to walk all the way back to your castle. Hidden paths and other environmental hazards also add a strategy element to the game.

While Capture the Princess is the primary objective, Fat Princess does offer some other play options. There’s a deathmatch mode, in which you duel with the other team, until one team runs out of extra men. There’s also an amusing twist to soccer thrown in for kicks. Offline, there’s the Gladiate Arena, in which you pick one class and try to survive as many waves of enemies as possible. There’s also a story mode called Legend of the Fat Princess, which serves as the main game’s backstory. While it is really short (takes about an hour to complete), it still serves as a nice addition to the main game.

The look and sound of the game is quite amusing. It uses a comical cel-shaded style. You can also design your main character in hundreds of different ways, ranging from hair to the color of their skin. The music is a classical, baroque-style, and all of the in-game speech is quite amusing. The look and feel perfectly adds to the fun and chaotic tone of the game.

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique game to play with your buddies, without worrying too much about who gets what character and meeting a certain goal to get so-and-so achievement (though this game does have trophies), then this is the game for you. Its creative new twist on capture the flag, along with all the other comical elements, definitely make Fat Princess worth the download.


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