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Battlefield 1943 Review

Review; Dec. 20, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Kyle James Hovanec
Love is a battlefield - DICE's Battlefield

DLC at its very worst can be a prime example of money grubbing tactics that deliver little content with a not-so-little price tag. However, at its best, it’s the perfect example of a quick burst of gaming with a fair price. Battlefield 1943, sequel to the Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 PC series, is a near-perfect blend of functional price and substantial content -- whether you decide to play a few quick matches or devote your time mastering the different classes. Battlefield 1943 offers enough content for any type of gamer.

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Set in the World War II Pacific Theater, 1943 pits the US Marine Corp against the Imperial Japanese Army over three maps based on real battles and locations. 1943 also provides the gap between the PC Battlefield series and the console-centric Bad Company series, finally bridging the two together as one continuous series.

One of the biggest draws of Battlefield 1943 is the Frostbite engine, the very same that provided the ultra destructible environments of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This means that bunkers, buildings, and vehicles can be destroyed and leveled by explosions -- hiding in a bunker during a bombing is no longer an option. The constantly evolving battlefield that made Bad Company 2 so notable is here in full force and plays flawlessly.

1943, like Battlefield Heroes, has only three classes. The rifleman, infantryman, and scout have different weapons and tools to be used on the battlefield against other infantry and vehicles. All the weapons contain unlimited ammunition, with only the explosive weapons taking a few seconds to reload. Health also regenerates similar to the Halo and Call of Duty series, making the need for a medic class no longer necessary. This may sound like an unbalanced game with unlimited ammo, but in this case it works. The unlimited ammo and regenerating health allows the game to be played at a much faster pace. It allows the players to focus on their specific classes and on helping their team with their unique weapons and abilities. There are also vehicles to man: tanks, jeeps, landing crafts to travel along the outer perimeter of the maps, and fighter planes which can not only dog fight with other aircraft, but bomb ground targets as well. The ground vehicles control much like their Bad Company 2 counterparts, but the airplanes have a steeper learning curve to fully grasp how they maneuver. Although, once you get a hang of the planes, pulling off dives and climbs, conducting bombing runs, and dog fighting with other planes will become second nature.

The three maps available are fairly large in size, allow plenty of room for sniping, vehicles to traverse a variety of terrain, and plenty of buildings to provide close quarters fighting as well. Visually, all three maps look similar, as their setting is the same (1943’s Pacific Theater); however, the bright, tropical environments look much more appealing than the bombed-out, gray and brown battlefields players have been using in nearly every other military shooter on the market.


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